About us

Who are we?

We are a company specialized in architectural carpentry with more than 30 years of experience in the design, manufacture, installation and export of furniture for commercial, financial, hotel, residential, institutional and industrial spaces.

We are leaders in wood finishes, with wide recognition in the development of projects for national and international representative companies.
We have a production plant equipped with high technology and precision equipment, raw material of the best quality, efficient processes, qualified personnel, quality and service with the advice and support that your investment requires.

We are constantly implementing systems of control, improvement and updating in all our processes. We can offer a service that meets the best quality standards

Company values

We are a company that offers modern, innovative and functional environments for corporate, commercial and residential spaces, generating quality products and services for the satisfaction of its customers, protecting the health and safety of employees, contractors, suppliers, visitors and interested parties. We understand that the operation of our company may have an impact on the environment, therefore we are committed to comply with the legal provisions in this matter.
Maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty, guaranteeing the quality of our products and services.
To value and recognize human talent, developing their creativity and orientation to act with ethics and empathy.
To promote safe and healthy working conditions by managing risks and hazards to define effective controls, minimize accidents, prevent injuries and occupational diseases.
To implement the best practices that allow us to manage the environmental aspects generated in the development of our activities.
Fully comply with all legal requirements applicable to the organization.
Offering equal opportunities, respecting diversity and treating employees with dignity.
To guarantee the security of our clients' data and information.
Ensure proper management of the company's assets and generate risk control of money laundering and terrorist financing.

Why Choose Us?

Because we are a profitable company that offers modern, innovative and functional environments for corporate, commercial and residential spaces. We have modern and effective processes, promoting ethical and professional standards, we generate value for our employees and clients, recognizing them as our most valuable assets. We are committed to reinvesting part of our profits in the search for a more just society and care for the environment